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Post  Fritz on Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:13 pm

I came to the game late as my u10's were in the finals for the Odenbach tourney in West Seneca but due to GLA not showing up until 15 minutes after the original start time i was able to see the end of the first half and play the 2nd. As i drove by i could see Randy Betlewicz win the ball in the GLA area for Tommy Espinosa to bury for a 1-0 lead going into the half. I am told we dominated most of the half by knocking the ball around the park in complete control. My fill in for keeper, Bondo, said he was barely challenged.
Second half started with us carrying the attack to them but first, something strange happened at halftime.

Again, GLA showed up late and thus passes had to be checked at half time. When the linesman went to their bench to carry out this task one of their players grabbed his stuff and hightailed it out of the park only to return once play resumed. Weird right?? Maybe he needed to use the bathroom...nah, they were the other direction and why grabbed all of your stuff to go to the outhouse? Maybe he was rolling his windows up under the threat of rain...nope, sunny and warm plus you don't need to grab all your poop to only bring it back to the bench... very strange behavior.

Ok, back to the second half. Celtic had a ton of chances to put this game away but just could not find the net. We had a number of shots go high/wide, some right to the keeper and still a few we made him do some work to keep out. A little more than half way through the 2nd a long ball was quickly controlled and sent back side to their striker. He gracefully took it off his chest and hit the back post and into the net for the tying goal. We had a number of chances to win but again could not find the net.

The referee crew was top notch, did a great job managing the game even though they were getting a lot of grief from the very populated GLA bench. GLA is a dangerous team but on this day I feel we were the better of the two. I can't wait till our snipers get hot and we start pouring in the goals.

Our man of the match is Tommy Espinosa who was simply a handful for GLA all game.


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