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Championship May Grades Empty Championship May Grades

Post  Michael Schieber on Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:09 am

Championship May Grades

Buffalo Bantu
A   Impressive first month from Bantu for me. Played step for step with two of the divisions better sides. Really have benefitted from improved play on the back end both defensively and in net. Still they can fall in love with their dribbling too much but have shown they are a threat to all teams in Championship.
Preseason: 10th
May: 5th

Buffalo Celtic
CP #7
Preseason: 12th
May: 12th

Celtic Hoops
CP #7
Preseason: 5th
May: 11th

East Aurora FC
D-    I’m cutting these guys no slack. They are miles better then their 2-2-0 record. Haven’t even really played anyone all that difficult. I don’t think they’ll miss playoffs but they should realize Championship doesn’t really have teams you can show up against like D2 or D1. Maybe a wake up call was needed. Let’s get back on track EAFC.
Preseason: 1st
May: 3rd

Lakeside FC
B   Sorta beating the teams they should and then losing to the ones they should. Brobbey with a strong season for them. If the defense can round into shape they might make a run at the 6th spot but I’m not high on that. A solid mid table finish for them is good considering their reshaping.
Preseason: 9th
May: 9th

Lykan FC
A-   A lot of this grade is about their offseason they had. Recruit went as good as it has ever been for them basically. Certainly not a push over in the division anymore. This is probably the high water mark for them but I think they’ll be in the playoffs come season’s end.
Preseason: 11th
May:  6th

Niagara FC
B-    I think they are still sorting themselves out. With so much roster turnover maybe it was too much to expect for them to become a quality team so quickly.  The talent is there. More time together is needed. I think they’ll regret that Lykan loss. Also perplexing to see them drop to Blizzard in Tehel Cup. Might be a year too early for them to be a true contender.
Preseason: 4th
May: 7th

OP Alliance
F     Sure they are a newly promoted side but I thought they could make an instant impact here and so far they look overmatched. Wellington N. Kohl and McMaster need to get it going. All three have 0 points. 1 goal in 4 games in terrible for a side with these sort of players. The defense is playing nicely too. Doesn’t get easier with EAFC up next for them but after that there are several very winnable games remaining.
Preseason: 6th
May: 8th

C-    That big win vs EAFC seems so long ago. Sense then this is another side facing offensive struggles. They’ve tried to address this with a few early roster months so we’ll see how it plays out. Still I’d have them close to the relegation battle then the playoffs right now. Could a repeat of 2014 be in cards?
Preseason: 8th
May: 10th

A+    Between the offseason moves and their start to this BDSL year, Rangers look like a total revitalized club. Maybe Shamber was taking to much of the spotlight as Dominic Parisi has been a revaltaion so far this season. Pollok is a crazy good pick up in Championship.  Defense appears a step weaker but the offensive explosion more then makes up for it so far. Hats off to them as they are now a promotion favorite in my eyes
Preseason: 7th
May: 2nd

Southtowns FPFC
A   What a difference a year makes. These guys look refocused as they sit atop the table. Terrific defense with Fox leading the way and Rouse appears to have less pressure on him to create every week. If I’m being picky it’d be nice to see Bergum or Taylor get on the score sheet. Aside from that they look to be division favorites.
Preseason: 2nd
May: 1st

A    Wolfpack continue to change the way the league views them. Gone are the days of their physical kick and run only style. They have added enough smart players where they can adjust when needed. Appiani is having a great start leading the back line while Cavalieri has returned to his lethal finishing ways. Their wins in league havne’t been overly convincing and they lost handily to Southtown FPFC but win a win over Roos in Tehel they are trending in the right direction. I think they are a lock for a playoff spot but can they threaten for a promotion bid?
Preseason: 3rd
May: 4th

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