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Championship June Grades Empty Championship June Grades

Post  Michael Schieber on Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:15 pm

Championship June Grades

Buffalo Bantu
A   Bantu remains unbeaten across all competitions which is a very impressive feat for this squad. Even with that record their ambitions were clear come transfer window as they were very active in trying to add pieces especially in the back highlighted by the capture of Prince Saysay. Lookingat the remaining run of games they could easily make a run for the regular season title in Southtowns slips up.  Basically a postseason lock, it’s been a great year for the Bantu Boys.
Preseason: 10th
May: 5th
June: 2nd

Buffalo Celtic
F+  Nothing has gone right  for them this year. Only 3 goals on the season has them on pace for one of the worst offensive season in recent memory in all of BDSL. They have been keeping teams close what is a bit of a change but I think there is no way they survive the drop at this point. Only 1 of 3 pointless teams in all of BDSL.
Preseason: 12th
May: 12th
June: 12th

Celtic Hoops
D+  The win over Polonia in June might prove crucial if they can find a way out of the drop zone. I say that but then look at the schedule coming and thing if they get 1 point that would be lucky for them. Seeing what happens with all the Celtic sides is going to be one of the most interesting things come this BDSL off season. Like their compatriots I just think it’s down they go.
Preseason: 5th
May: 11th
June: 11th

East Aurora FC
B+    It’s more like it here after a solid month of June but…. There’s just too much talent here for he to see them drop points ever. Maybe that’s not realistic but that’s what I see here. Facing Southtowns FPFC might be a great preview of this division’s final. They may lead the division in GF but no one has more then 4 goals which means they are ultra balanced or lack a true number 1 threat depending on how you wanna look at it.
Preseason: 1st
May: 3rd
June: 3rd

Lakeside FC
D   They followed up a fun 3 game winning streak with a no fun 3 game losing streak tipped with a forfeit loss. This team has some decent pieces in place but they lack a true identity and an on field leader. Until either arrives they’ll mill around this sorta mid to low table finish.
Preseason: 9th
May: 9th
June: 9th

Lykan FC
B-   The Lykan resurgence train took a hit in June with an up and down month. Defensively they have been impressive all year with just 6 goals against, good for 2nd in the division. But on the other side they have only 10 goals four which is in the bottom half of the table. Just 2 goals in all of June to boot so it’s trending down. Its a must win vs Wolfpack to stay in the playoff mix. I’m just not sure if they have the firepower to do it.
Preseason: 11th
May:  6th
June: 7th

Niagara FC
B-    Splitting the month was a win for them as they only lost to Southtowns and Bantu by a goal a piece. The win over Wolfpack might prove to be huge come year end. Blessed with better attendance from FCB’s Isiah Barrett and a weak July schedule, I think Niagara FC takes one of the 4 first round playoff spots. That would be a huge step for this team that’s had to sort out who they are in a season with so many new faces.
Preseason: 4th
May: 7th
June: 5th

OP Alliance
B     At least after June they proved they belong here in Championship. I’m sure there was much relief after scoring 6 vs Hoops for this side that poured them in last year. With a G/D of just -1 they have been pretty competitive all year. Maybe a they can build off the lessons learned in this season to carry into 2017. But at least they can feel safe about avoiding the drop with a relatively easy final 3 games.
Preseason: 6th
May: 8th
June: 8th

C-   I just have no clue with them anymore. Loss to Celtic Hoops which they follow up immediately with a win over Rangers? What? I don’t know either. With them having both Southtowns and Bantu left they’ll need to score another big upset to feel safe before the final game v Buffalo Celtic. Would help if someone (anyone) could score a goal or two down the stretch.  
Preseason: 8th
May: 10th
June: 10th

B    Another team that cooled off slightly here after a promising start. That said Parisi has stayed hot and continues to find the back of net regularly. Their results against all the teams currently above them were all solid so even if they’ll be a tough out come playoff time. With the remaining games I would say that that are pretty much a lock for post season.
Preseason: 7th
May: 2nd
June: 4th

Southtowns FPFC
A   The second team in the Championship division with no losses across all competitions. They might be the division’s best chance at keeping the Championship Tehel cup magic alive. Rouse has enjoyed much less pressure on him as Phil Pinzone stepped his game up with terrific season so far. Though they lost Taylor to injury adding in Travis Hicks gives them more cover up top. Like I said in the EAFC section, this weekends game is a potential final preview. Even if its loss there I’d expect them to sweep up the division title with their last two games.
Preseason: 2nd
May: 1st
June: 1st

D    Yikes this side came tumbling back into the middle of the pack dropping two huge games to Niagara FC and Rangers respectively. The Lykan game is do or die for them with Bantu lurking in July too. Cavalari needs to keep the goals following. Aside from him its a pack mentality at all other positions (see what I did there. They are Wolfpack...forget it) Right now I think they have just enough to earn that last playoff spot if they get a result v Lykan.
Preseason: 3rd
May: 4th

June: 6th

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