FC Aftershock 3, FK Bosnia 7

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FC Aftershock 3, FK Bosnia 7

Post  dpatterson on Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:52 pm

It was a 4pm kickoff at West Seneca Soccer Complex. Aftershock show with 15 and it looks as it Bosnia showed with 17 or 18, but not sure if all of them played. It was a hot sunny day and the field was terrible, but both teams played on it so cant really blame the field on the result....

Within the first 10 minutes, Bosnia was up 3-0. First goal was a chip, second goal was there player getting a foot on the ball before the goalie, and third goal was a backpost run. Not much possession for Aftershock for most of the first half and Bosnia was in complete control. At end of the first half, bosnia found its 4th after a great initial save by back up goalie Joe Cordier but rebound was put into the empty net. 4-0. Halftime.

During halftime, Aftershock tried being positive thinking that since Bosnia scored 4 in the first half why couldn't we do that in the 2nd half. We talked over strategy and tried to start off second half better.

Second half started and Aftershock began to field some better possession but a breakdown led to Bosnia 5th goal (can't remember how it happened). A few minutes later a bosnia player hits it from 20+ yards out and beats our goalie. 6-0. Aftershock seems to finally wake up at this point. Cullen Dedrick takes the ball around the half line dribbles around 1 or 2 players than plays a ball through to Patterson who steps around goalie and puts it in the net. 6-1. A few minutes later a give and go between Brian Voit and Patterson puts Voit in on net, who walks around the goalie and scores. 6-2. About 5 minutes later, Aftershock wins a Free Kick. Patterson plays it into the box and Brad Green puts it in the net. 6-3. With about 15' left to play it seems like momentum shifted. Aftershock have a few more opportunities but nothing too threatening besides a rebound put over the net. Towards the end Bosnia score off a misplaced ball back to Aftershock goalie. 7-3. End of Game.

Good game to Bosnia and good luck rest of the year.

Aftershock looks to regroup next week in a very important game vs Aurora Arsenal II.


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