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FC Aftershock 0-3 Revolution SC Empty FC Aftershock 0-3 Revolution SC

Post  deadrichard on Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:26 am

Hottest and driest game of the year so far, reminiscent of all last year wear we played on concrete all summer. Revolution showed with maybe 15 or 16 and Aftershock showed with a full roster minus McAndrew who's still nursing a nasty quad injury.

Not sure what formation Revolution runs but they dominated possession from start to finish. I'd say possession for the entire game was maybe 60/40 (and that's being generous to us).

First goal came off a misplayed ball by CB Slocum that ended up slicing off his foot and falling into the back of our own net. 1-0 Revs. Second goal was a little interesting, I reached out to some officiating friends for clarification since the head ref told me to quit whining when I asked for clarification. Rev's player got the ball at the PK spot, turned and had a rip but Casillo had a huge save. Casillo never had possession, but the ball fell to Rev's player Fahy who was offsides when the shot was taken and he poked the ball into the net (still looking for clarification so let me know). 2-0 Revs. Nothing really significant the rest of the game, we did start to finally generate some offense and ball movement towards the end of the game, but didn't connect or finish on any of our chances that we had. Can't remember the third goal but the final ended up being 3-0.

Officiating was strange and terrible at some times, but it wouldn't have changed the outcome of the game. Fouls were being called for challenges that were all ball, the crew made our subs wait until the player was off the field, then would re-start the play before our sub was in position. It was just strange and terrible all around.

With that being said, Revolution were the better team and this result is a fair reflection of the game. We wish them the best moving forward (especially our kind-of ex player Sam Fahy, even though he never played a game for us).

We play our self-proclaimed big brothers on Devils next week at WSSC at 4pm. I've been to maybe three or four Devils games and I can see why they're the D3 favorites, very solid from top to bottom. We're working up some tactics and formation changes to give them a run for their money, and look forward to playing them.

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