Devils 3, Celtic 7

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Devils 3, Celtic 7

Post  cdubbz731 on Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:59 am

double header tonight with the celtic teams under the lights at Kenny Field.
Nice moment for the Pepper family where the 3 Celtic teams, Wolfpack and Devils stood in a circle and listened to a nice speech by one of the Celtic veterans. #RIP CP7

Now to the game. Not sure the Devils ever showed up, quickly went down 2-0. 1st goal was a tap in from 6 yards out and the 2nd was a rip from 25 yards out over our 3rd string goalies head.

Devils quickly came back to take a 3-2 lead. 1st was a nice play from the back where Jon Sommer was able to get the ball from the back to C.wzontek and found Mike Macko far side. two touch, found Matt Chase at the PK spot for a nice shot, save but rebound went in., 2nd goal was a free kick 25 yards out by Matt Chase. 2-2 and then moments later Matt chase found Mike Wzontek for a nice cross and goal. 3-2... annnnnnnnd then the wheels fall off. Missed PK off the crossbar to go up 4-3. instead
Celtic comes back with 2 before end of half. 4-3, Devils say 3rd goal was WAY offsides, AR says he couldn't see it bc of the lights... whatever. 4th was probably 48 mins into the 1st half. Ref said there was 1 minute left. then 6 minutes later we are still playing 4-3 half time.

seems like celtic couldn't miss, any shot ON frame 7/10 went in the net. Not sure many keepers could have gotten to some of those shots.
Good to know Aurora won and we made the playoffs before even starting the game bc last night was NOT the Devils who showed up the previous 8 games. O well, Best of Luck Celtic next game. we hope to turn things around before playoffs in 2 weeks.

side note, officiating was BRUTAL both ways. got out of hand quickly. I think 4? yellow cards shown. He even told the Celtic player injured to get up and get off the field moments after he went down with a knee to knee collision. Zero respect to the injury and honestly I felt like he had a few adult bevvies before coming to the game. A lot of calls both ways NOT made which caused Celtic and Devils to dislike one another. Devil in on net alone behind keeper (from a bad angle) and keeper grabs his jersey to slow him down. no call. whoof. last night was a rough one. Think we each had more beers than we scored after the game in the parking lot.


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