Martinez Musters Managerial Marvel, Coyotes Outshoot Sharpshooters

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Martinez Musters Managerial Marvel, Coyotes Outshoot Sharpshooters

Post  david martinez on Wed May 10, 2017 10:30 am

For the second time in as many games, I received late notice (via Tsujimoto) that I would be managing the squad - this time even closer to game time: I was lounging in the back of our shoppe Vania & David, [located in the heart of the Elmwood Village (1007 Elmwood Ave, Bflo) - it's our line of Jewelry, Handbags, and Soy Candles - we do custom stuff, too, (we can even do murses, Sully)], with our son watching a DVD. It was about 1:30, Sunday. Sing is an amazing movie. I figured it was about time to get ready, so, before going home, I did one last check on the BDSL website. Sure enough, I saw Mr. Tsujimoto's primer article: s$#t, I was named manager again! I started scrambling to get things in order. I called Kowi - "Dude, I'm manager again, we need to link up so I can take the new Mariachi Kits to the field." I called Sief - "Dude, I'm manager again, I have a sure fire starting XI."

It all worked out as planned - even the weather. Mid-week forecasts were, like, 37 and wet snow. Instead, it was a crisp, rain free upper 40s.

I was impressed with the way we played - right off the giddyup - a lot of control. Overall, I thought we comfortably controlled the majority of play. Sief said he thought it was 55-45 or 60-40 -- I thought it was more like 65-35ish. According to my calculations, our opponents only, truly, controlled the play for 16 minutes and 43 seconds, which (non?)coincidently, was my exact amount of playing time. Dre's Mariachi Man of the Match designation was very well deserved. He was very strong on the ball all day, worked hard, and played a very intelligent match. Our entire team played well. Berardi (early candidate for Rookie of the year) scored a tough angled, hard-working goal early on to make it 1-0. Derek "speedy Gonzalez" Maier had another strong goal to make it 2-0. I think the other dudes scored one late in the half to make it 2-1.

Sief & I decided to make the smart decision, and put me in up top to start the second half. I had already closed out the final 11 minutes of the 1st half, and was already a minus-one. That would change - fast. I saw the eye of the tiger in Dre just before the 2nd half kickoff as we were juggling around near the center circle... Within 2 or 3 minutes, it happened: we had the ball around 30 yards out - I vet-savvily juked left, then made the wily decision to make a slightly bending run around the 18 and draw the defender along -- Dre made the centering run in behind us, received a nifty pass at the top of the box, beat one or two folks, and buried it! 3-1 good guys. My plus/minus was back up to zero - (also, I confirmed that my run counts as an assist). After another 3 or 4 minutes of mistake free soccer (and a flurry of headers), I pulled a Costanza, and took myself off on a high note.

Amherst never gave up. The reigning premier division champ and preseason sweetheart among the experts to repeat, again cut the lead to one with another solid goal. Their first or second goal came on an amazing bicycle after a corner... 3-2

The eventual game winner came off of a sick header by Incho (a twenty yard angled crossing assist by Brodi). Again, our resilient opponent made it interesting and scored again - and nearly tied it in the last minute: LP1 came out and made back to back beastly saves (shot then rebound) to seal the 3 points.

The sharpshooters converted the majority of their opportunities and were especially effective on set pieces.

Our entire team should receive kudos. We beat a strong squad. AC and Schroentrain were monsters. The entire defense was solid. The few new faces made immediate impacts - Francesco, Peek, and Clint all played well for us. Our central core (Berardi, JJ) is very, very good. Kowi and AZ did well with the cooler.

We are back at Nichols @ 2pm on Mother's Day.

High 'Yotes on three!

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