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Grand Island Football Club 2, Polonia Referee Abusers-And-Victims-of-Abuse Club 1

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:18 am

The cycle of victimhood is real, man, it's real.

Let's start this one 80 minutes or so in.

It's 1-0 Polonia. Grand Island takes a corner, puts in a dangerous ball around the edge of the 6. Polonia GK Matt Gobalski gets a trademark two-handed punch on that corner. Play is carrying on near the edge of the 18...but wait, the referee has blown his whistle, and he's pointing to the spot. The dreaded spot. GK Matt Gobalski, already on a yellow for dissent, erupts in protest. Other teammates do as well. I'm on the sideline at the time, so I'm actually most easily in the audience of the Grand Island goalkeeper, all alone on his side of the field, who exclaims multiple times that he can't believe the call was made. I'm not certain whether the call was for making contact with a GI player on the follow-through of the punch or whether it was for contact prior to the punch (ie, jostling inside the 6), but regardless, you could ask anyone present at the field at the time, and I doubt anyone would attest to anything warranting a PK. Matt kept arguing, eventually got a second yellow and thus a red for dissent, and GI proceeded to put two past our 5'4" backup GK in the couple minutes immediately after the PK call (the PK itself was saved, amazingly).

Shame on Rabee Naji for an embarrassing display of officiating.

I now want to play Grand Island, Crimson Fire, and Pendleton in the playoffs.

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