BSC Raiders 2 | Empire 90 0

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BSC Raiders 2 | Empire 90 0

Post  wbegy on Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:40 am

I just dont see Empire 90 competing with the Raiders. Men vs boys.... But we will see. Wish I was going to be there. Mathew Waddington --copafutbol on Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:16 pm
In a match-up of top teams from differing divisions, the men beat the boys 2-0 in a well played and spirited match on the big field at West Seneca. Backing up their boast, BSC Raiders outscored and outchanced their opponent despite Empire 90 having a slight advantage in terms of possession. E90 just couldn’t put it together in the final third of the field garnering plenty of touches but creating few chances. BSC, on the otherhand, created more scoring opportunities and converted on two of them. The first at the 30 minute mark was a long diagonal into space that had the E90 keeper thinking about challenging but changing his mind as the BSC player got to it first all alone. From thirty yards out, with the E90 keeper at the 18 and backtracking quickly, the BSC player deftly lifted it high and into the net. (E90 had a similar opportunity five minutes prior but put it over the net.). The same BSC player (wish I could report his name), converted again at the 70 minute mark as maneuvered a counter play and dribbled a 1v2 into a scoring position that he converted.

It was clear that Empire 90 could play with the big guys but perhaps respected them too much. At this point in their careers, the extra 20 pounds each BSC player had on the E90 players worked to their advantage. With another few pounds on all between now and next year, it will start to benefit E90. However, when the final whistle sounded and E90 eagerly requested a rematch, a BSC player, in his best Apollo Creed voice, panted “Ain't gonna be no rematch!”

Special mention to E90 fill in keeper Kyle Craig who had an outstanding game. While he was missed on the field from his typical center back position, he performed admirably in goal making several outstanding saves. And a tribute to the refs who had a very good game, hardly making their presence known. Lastly, Tom Garigen played valiantly while Kevin O’Neil nursed a swollen knee from the sideline. He contributed by coaching but regretfully for E90, coaches can’t score.


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