Rangers 4 EAFC 0

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Rangers 4 EAFC 0

Post  Pszafranek on Mon May 23, 2016 8:40 am

Finally a beautiful day for soccer compared to the first 3 weeks of the season and both teams showed to a smaller Knox Field with around 16-18 people a piece, so subs were not an issue this week for either team.

First half started with East Aurora with the earlier start of possession I'd say this half they controlled the ball 60% to our 40% but they never really had any dangerous looks on goal, mainly they played the balls to our corners and threw in not very dangerous crosses that either our back line would easily clear away or Robby would be able to easily gobble up. Anyways about 10 or so minutes in our first goal came off of a free kick awarded to us in our own end due to offsides. Jimmy Nesper Seen room behind the defense with a streaking Dom Parisi down the left side and played a great ball to him where Dom easily knocked it around their goalkeeper who was coming out of net to challenge and then slotted it home for an early goal. After this possession bobbled back and forth with a couple of chances from both sides but nothing too dangerous either way. I'd say probably 30 minutes in we had some nice play through the middle of the field that led to Alex Pollak laying a pass through the middle of the box that found Felipes foot who finished nicely passed the keeper to put us ahead 2-0. Nothing really came to much after this and the whistle blew for half.

Half time started and we decided we'd play more conservative this half with a 2 goal lead and kind of just pack our half of the field in to keep the lead. Due to this I'd say East Aurora held probably 70% possession of this half and we were ok with it. They definitely pressured us with little spells of us possessing the ball but mostly we were content with just clearing the ball away knowing this is a big 3 points for us, seeing how East Aurora apparently are the heavy favorites of this division. Through one of our spells of possession this half came a cluster in the East Aurora box with the ball being deflected and blocked on shot attempts from us where the ball landed to none other than our top goal scorer of the year thus far, Dom Parisi who rocketed a shot off the inside post and in. This goal felt great. Everyone knows a 2 nothing lead is a very dangerous lead to have, but with half of this half gone and us being up 3 now made us feel pretty good about this game with the way our back line has played. Jimmy and Zach in the middle were unbreakable today and Dobos Weigand and Visbisky on the outsides were the same. The next 20 minutes was much of the same with EA sending balls into the corners and hoping to get a solid cross in but failed to find any final balls today. With about 5 minutes left Jimmy Nesper found the ball around the 18 of our box and seen Mike hanging high as our only attacker at this moment and it was off to the races with Mike and one of the East Aurora midfielders tracking him down. Mike make a good run with the tracking defender on his shoulder the entire way, made a nice cut to the middle around the PK spot and made no mistake on his finish. 4-0 Rangers. With only 5-10 minutes East Aurora didn't let up as they wanted to definitely score at least one. Our backline and Robby held strong to a well deserved shut out today. East Aurora has a lot of talent on the team, but we were just the better finishing team today. If they have any flaws I'd say it would be there backline where I found only one of their defenders to be anything better than average. All in all a solid game by both teams and a huge 3 points for the Rangers. Other than a little chippy/chirping from both sides in the first half the game was solid and the officiating I thought was the best we've had all year. Good Luck to East Aurora the rest of the way.


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