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Post  Pszafranek on Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:06 am

6:00pm kickoff at sahlens against an undefeated Southtowns. Due to Fathers Day we had a couple key pieces missing this evening which ended up playing a role in this game big time. I believe Southtowns started the game with 18 or 19 and we showed up with 15. It was about 85 degrees and the field was basically cement due to the lack of rain.

First half started and it started off with most of the play around center field. A ball was played back to one of Southtowns defenders where it was a clear handball, but the ball fell straight to my feet and I was in on a breakaway. For some odd reason the ref decided to not give us the advantage and blew the play dead. A little confusing but the call was made. About 30 seconds after this I ended up pulling my hamstring and was done for the game. We're now without Jackson, Aaron or myself which I like to think play a very strong role in our offensive third/possession game. Not only that on a hot day like this only having 3 subs for 85 minutes is rough. Anyways play continues and Southtowns started to possess the ball more but with really zero threatening chances. I'd like to say they held a majority of possession this first half but might of had 4 or 5 total shots, with one of them being on target from no angle which wasn't very threating. We had a couple chances on the counter but other than that we couldn't really get anything going. Sitting on the sidelines you notice a lot more than when your playing and #9 for Southtowns, I want to say his name is also Phil has to be the biggest crybaby I've ever played against. As playing for the rangers I know we have some whiners but this kid 100% takes the cake. Put a muzzle on him. Any little common foul the kid just cried even if he wasn't on the field. Any ways half time 0-0.

After half a lot of the same happens and with about 5 minutes into the 2nd half Southtowns was awarded a PK which was a fair call, and probably one of the only fair calls all game. This second half officiating was absolutely horrendous. Anyways I believe it was Cody who stood in to take the PK, but he pushed it wide which I think realistically even if it was on frame Robby guessed the right way and from my angle on the sidelines looked like it would have been saved. Play resumes and not long after this Southtowns left midfielder makes a cut on our defender Matt Weigand around midfield and Matt clips his ankle. Not a malicious tackle one bit but the kid decides to turn around and 2 hand shove Matt in the shoulder/face area. No idea what that kids reasoning was when it was a simple common foul that happens when you dance with the ball. This pushing ends up with Matt not retaliating at all and actually walking away. Kudos to him but somehow he finds himself with a yellow card. The kid who shoved him in the face also received a yellow but come on, this ref was ridiculous and let this game get out of hand. There's no reason why that shouldn't have been a red card, and the AR that was standing right in front of me agreed as well and talked with the center but nothing else came of it.
Play continues and of course it gets a little chippy and #9 never shuts up hah. I hope someone cuts his ponytail off and stuffs it in his mouth one day. Not a bad player but by far the most annoying human being on the field I've ever witnessed. Back to the game. Play continues and Southtowns probably holds 60% possession again this half with us countering. No real chances this half at all other than their PK. About 5 minutes left in the game and Southtowns earns a corner. The ball is cleared out by one of our defenders for another Southtowns corner. The corner was taken and the ball was easily caught by Robby, but somehow a whistle was blown and I thought the ball was just coming out because that's what a whistle is usually blown for on a corner. Of course why wouldn't this ref point to the PK spot. Unbelievable. Booker who is built like an Ox somehow was taken down by a kid who weighs 150lbs, lets be real. No complaints towards Booker at all as we double teamed him on corners the whole day, and yes he's a physical player so we'll play that game back but there is no way in hell that a corner kick that had no scoring chance because it was easily caught by Rob should be awarded a PK. Ref was absolutely horrible and when asked who committed the foul he was unable to even point out the "culprit". I think he only called it because like 4 or 5 players somehow ended up on the ground, but regardless. Horrible call and gave away 3 points. Not saying we deserved a victory today because Southtowns did outplay us, but they realistically had 3 good looks on goal other than their 2 penalty kicks and to call a BS pk with 5 minutes left is absolutely ridiculous. I feel we were robbed of a point especially having all but a couple minutes left to play. Southtowns possess the ball well and for the most part were ok, with a couple annoying/bad apples but good luck to them the rest of the way, as I really hope we see them in the playoffs. With a healthy/full squad this game will 100% have a different outcome.


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