Leapfroggin' Lizards! LP1, Clarence Coyotes Jubilantly Jump To Top Table Triumverate!

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Leapfroggin' Lizards! LP1, Clarence Coyotes Jubilantly Jump To Top Table Triumverate!

Post  david martinez on Mon May 23, 2016 11:27 am

One of the groups I used to listen to growing up was Brand Nubian.  Those folks are from New Rochelle, New York... Well, we Clarence Coyotes have a group of brand nubians who have joined us this year, and who continue to make more and more impact as we get into the season - one of whom, Jordan "Dr. J" Katz (who proudly hails from Long Island (pretty close to New Rochelle)), is playing better and better and had a great cross in to the box to set up Gary "Gear Bear" Boughton for the game's first goal late in the first half.  He, Kenny "May Day! May Day!" May, AZ, and Dre - all new to the Yotes, have been playing great, have been thoroughly committed, and are the clear difference for us between last year and this one.  We have three or four or five subs every game this season - not 0 or negative one or negative two.  Big difference.  

Our most wily and Savvy veteran, Mr. LP1, set the tone early.  Lenny had his best game thus far this year.  Early on, he made a huge, difficult, save, and ended up with 7 or 8 monster stops throughout the game.  He kept us in the game time and time again.

1-0 at half.

I'm not sure what they're feeding the kids out in Rogueville, but that team has some absolute monsters.  There were two dudes in the back that weighed in at a combined 12'7' 450lbs - and they were very, very good!  There entire team is good.  They hustle like crazy, have very good skill, and are strong and physical.  

I thought the game was pretty even throughout.  They had the slight advantage on 50/50 balls.  We had the slight advantage in skill and possession, but not by much.  Each team probably had about 10 chances on net.  Both goalies played very well.  I had little to no effect on the game.  Already nursing a minor injury, I was smashed (legally) by one of their monster defenders whilst going for a 50/50 ball (in the second half) and ended up more injured.  17 minutes total PT.

Dre is a magician.  At some point in the second half, a few minutes after Rogue's goalie made a nice save on a PK, he received a nice pass from speedy Tyler "Ty me to the Moon" Hamill, near the end line/edge of the 18 box (on the right side), beat one defender, and, somehow, managed to snipe it through another defender or two and the goalie into the left side netting.  Not sure how that went in...
2-0 good guys.

Near the end of the game (maybe 10 or 15 left), one of Rogue middies or forwards launched an absolute missile from about 25 yards out to cut the lead in half.  The Yotes were able to fend Rogue off for the rest of the game to seal the win - the final 2 minutes or so (injury time) were almost single-handedly possessed and killed off  by JJ "win with clash" Hughes.  He gets better, stronger, and more effective each year.

2-1 final.

Our back line was stalwart.  Chris "rated" Cournan and May were very impressive throughout. Scroentrain, aside from his normal beastliness, made this run late in the game from around the back 10, all the way up the left side, and then sprinted back to D afterwards.  The guy looked like a man possessed...

We head into the All-Star break at 3-1 and in 3rd place.  All star nominees (fan voting ends Wednesday): Gary B, JJ H, R. Schroentrain, Dre.

MVQ&A: (Post Game)   Kevin Cournan: "Are you familiar with Flash Gordon, Dave?"  
                                                  Me: "Yeah, a bit. Why? What's up, KC?"
                                                  KC: "Dude, you look like Ming the Merciless!"
                                                         (as he hands over googled image of MtM)

[great call]

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