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FC QUAKE 2 RVS United 0

Post  spfallon9432 on Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:31 am

I walked up to the field about 5:40 hearing the distant rumbles of thunder and observing the usual great numbers for FCQ. Based on my better-than-average weather knowledge and radar monitoring I was pretty certain this game was being delayed, and sure enough 5:55 then 6:00 came and Tommy George kept himself and his AR's away from the field intentionally as to avoid the mandated "30 minute delay from the last lightning strike" rule. So me and Eats took a stroll over to converse and determined once it appeared to be passing by we would start. Unfortunately that damn storm wasn't moving a whole lot so that took until about 6:40 but alas game finally kicked off with 19 FCQ and 15 RVS'ers. Almost immediately the rain that had been slowing down turned into a tropical monsoon and we found ourselves playing in 10 lb. cleats and jerseys rest of the game.

Luckily these things have no effect on seasoned vets and we seized control of this one from the whistle with good possession and chances. An early earned corner by Mammi was sized up and taken by Iwankow who from my perspective at first mishit the corner, until I immediately realized he had spotted Ricky on a curling run from inside to the high near corner of the 18. Jay put a perfectly weighted ball towards his feet for Ricky to launch full volley from near ground low and inside the near post from about 16 yds out. 1-0 FCQ 2'. We were off and running, but unfortunately struggled to find that same finishing ability for the next 43 mins. We really controlled things 1st half with great looks at running away with this game, including a few extremely dangerous crosses from inside the 18, one of which Ricky ripped off the crossbar, another Lamos finessed off the far post, and a couple more that were tagged just wide of far post/a half step too far in front of the would be tap-in goal scorer. A little too cute from us in a do-or-die game IMO, but also credit to RVS who did slowly start to find footing and create occasional forays into our final third. "Set pieces" is really where anything dangerous could be derived against us by them today, quoted because this included the very long throws by Haines (Hate teams with guys who can do that) that we had to defend about 20 times today. Over course of 1st half RVS had 2-3 very long attempts that missed, one decent FK that found a RVS head in the 18 but was floated right into Eaton's chest. Overall disappointing 1st half to only be up 1-0 ended at about 7:30 with the sun beginning to peak out and rainbows overhead. I have begun research but am yet to find the connection between Rainbows and Earthquakes, but it had to of been a good omen somehow!

2nd half started and we were way to lax for a 1-0 playoff game. RVS found good possession for long stretches for the first time and despite good efforts from our D to keep them from really testing Eaton it felt like they were knocking on the door. They nearly equalized around 60' on a FK, however the goal scorer started his run well before the ball was played and the AR correctly had the flag up before the ball was halfway to him. We continued to counter attack well with them pressing numbers forward and between the 60' and 70' mark missed several glorious chances, one of which Lamos had cleared by a defender right off the goal line, another Lamos streaked past the OD and again finessed a far post shot off the pipe, dude couldn't buy a goal yesterday in an otherwise fantastic game for him. After the early onslaught we found better possession and in a nice sequence of ball movement sprung Kerr with time and space down the right sideline. He took his time, sized up Iwankow making one of his classic full field runs into the space created by our F's and placed a nice floater into the 18 for him. Jay chested it down perfectly to his own right foot in behind the defender and buried it inside the near post. Dagger. Those two guys have been amazing for us all Summer, when they are in there, we control games, when even one of them aren't, it becomes far more chaotic. 2-0 FCQ 75'.

The entire second half was up and down, wild scrambles in our box a plenty and some really physical play. We lost a couple guys to injuries last night, a knee, a busted open face requiring a trip to the hospital, and a whole lot of lumps and bad bruises will be the story today. Tom did his usual best job keeping a lid on this one, overall reffed a great, even game as per usual. My one beef is he was overly reluctant to pull cards today. As he was in our previous match this year #3 for RVS is a big boy who is far more concerned with laying guys out and arguing with the refs than he is playing soccer. He probably should of seen his 2nd YC around the 60' minute when he booted Eaton across the face after he had cleanly smothered a cross long before he even began swinging. Not sure how Tommy didn't see that one as a card, or when he deliberately body slammed Kerr to the ground 1st half after Kerr won a hard 50/50 header over him. Eats was pretty shook rest of the game, and I would say very fortunate #3 missed fully connecting with his head by about an inch. I also didn't appreciate the "that was f*cking hilarious" comment when one of our Defenders was kicked square in the face by a teammate on a clearance attempt a couple minutes after the Eaton incident. Dude left with blood gushing form his eye socket and went immediately to the hospital. But yeah f*cking hilarious. End Rant....

Game played out with nothing of major note, maybe one RVS chance shot wide in final couple minutes I believe. If this one had gone to ET not sure what would of happened as light was running out quick. Overall though it was a fun physical 90 minute game. RVS is a great opponent and played hard to the last whistle. If they could return some of their Lancaster stars who reside in Premier, they would be an instant Championship division side. Good luck to them next season, although I hope we don't see them!

For us its get healthy and ready for our toughest game of the year against the red hot Willies. Our match earlier this year at Hamburg HS was clear evidence they have a ton of speed and quality skill/chemistry and it seems they've only improved their form from then, so we are well aware of the huge challenge they pose. We will be ready. Keep the weekly predictions of an FCQ loss coming BDSL'ers!

Game Captain: Kerr
G1: 2' CK Iwankow to Mammoliti
G2: 75' Kerr to Iwankow
CS: Eaton
MVP(s): Iwankow & Kerr


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