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Post  aeaton on Mon May 07, 2018 5:00 pm

2pm kickoff at Mulroy, a noticeable breeze along with sun and then overcast. FCQ showed with 5 or 6 subs while MQFC showed with only 11.

The beginning stages of the match were more of a feeling out period, get our legs moving again. Both sides had a few great looks to start the match the first half hour saw FCQ with I'd say 4 quality chances but either put them on the keeper or just missed the target. MQFC had a few more looks probably 6 decent and 1 scare that I had to push off the target for a corner. Things started to settle down both teams looked to possess the ball a little more. MQFC liked to kick and chase for the first half hour but started to slow the attack down. Earlier, a questionable call was never called. Walker was in the box probably around the spot and was tugged down to the ground, from 100 yards away it looked like a clear penalty and many closer also thought there should have been a call. Around the 35' mark (roughly) MQFC would break through the back line of Quake which was stellar all match outside of this play. MQFC's attacker found himself just onside the linesman said and barreled in 1v1 on me, he made no mistake and slotted it to give the away side a 1:0. The goal deflated FCQ and MQFC was just looking to take their lead into half. That is exactly what happened as the final 10' was just going back and fourth with no real looks. Possession in the first half would probably have been 55/45 in favor of FCQ.

Second half started slow as MQFC had a plan to just hold on while FCQ tried throwing everything at the net including the kitchen sink. MQFC had 2 quality chances one coming from a fast counter that resulted in a 1v1 with me this time I made no mistake, the other being a free kick 19 yards out. The free kick was hit nicely bent right over the wall and unfortunately for them I only had to move 2 steps to take care of business. Around the hour mark we had finally broke through and finished off a great play, however the linesman said one of our guys was off by a foot. Iwankow had a solid effort nearing the late stages of the match with a free kick I think 20-25 yards out, just put a hair to much on it and went over the bar by inches. FCQ had many chances but just could not find the back of the net, to many balls placed right to the keeper or missed high and wide. MQFC held on for the 1:0 win even with possession in the second around 70/30 in favor of FCQ.

A clean match for the most part, one instance that had to be addressed but no cards. Reffing was decent a few blown calls both ways and some lack of taking control at times especially with a bizarre throw in that everyone was confused on. Some thought a goal kick, others thought FCQ throw when it was a MQFC throw. Ref allowed FCQ to throw in and get 30 yards down the pitch before blowing the whistle to bring the ball back for a MQFC throw. I have no idea how that happens but that is the kind of things that happened.

Mes Que FC is a solid club, they have some great attackers that will cause fits, outside mids were solid gave us a run down the flanks. If they can field a bench they will be able to turn some heads this year. We are disappointed in ourselves that we lacked the finishing touch yesterday. We will regroup and play Saturday night against Honey Badgers. I must add that Kerr is unbelievable as he is prepared to drive roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes one way each week to play for us. For that and his contributions on the pitch he is our man of the match. Good luck to MQFC this year, we would love to see you again later down the road.


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