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Revolution SC 3 - FC Aftershock 0 Empty Revolution SC 3 - FC Aftershock 0

Post  ajbalsd on Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:55 pm

The weather was gorgeous, the wind wasn’t too crazy, and the grass was short out at the West Seneca Soccer Complex on Sunday. The field, however, was almost as short as the grass. It was very deceptive as well. You would have thought that the ball would roll well and not take any crazy bounces. But, it was like playing on cement, bumpy cement. Anyways, both teams had to deal with that, and since our home field is Wendelville……..we’ll just move on.

Both sides had good numbers, 15-16 each. There was a little feeling out process in the first 5-10 minutes as we tried to figure each other out. I am not too sure we have played each other before, so that made for some cautious play. Aftershock had the first good chance of game about 15 minutes in. Our keeper, Frank Huber, came up with a huge save off of a dangerous shot. We all sort of woke up after that, and pretty much dominated the rest of the game in terms of possessions, chances and 50/50 wins. Our first goal came off of a free kick. Cas Pulaski sent a ball towards Aftershock’s 18. One of their defenders tried to clear it, but ended up deflecting it up and over the reach of their keeper. An own goal, 1-0 Revolution. We kept the pressure up for the remainder of the half and were paid off near the end. Sam Fahy sent a nice cross that found Ryan Pulaski near the top of the 18. He quickly sent a perfect shot just inside to far corner, 2-0, end of the half.

We started the first half with just as much pressure and control as we ended the second half. We had a bunch of great opportunities that we didn’t capitalize on. We found our third and final goal about midway through the second half. Chad Sleiman took a pass from just inside the 18, made a few moves, and took a glorious shot that was going to find its way inside the post. However, their keeper made an even better save, diving to his right. Luckily for us, Sam Fahy was there to pick up the scraps and calmly put in the rebound. 3-0, time to lock it down for the clean sheet. Aftershock had one or two good chances during the second half, but nothing too scary. Good luck to them the rest of the way.

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