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NY Elite 3-0 Bangarang FC Empty NY Elite 3-0 Bangarang FC

Post  KeysaJ on Mon May 07, 2018 1:33 pm

Our first game in the BDSL was against a very good opponent in Banarang at Nichols on a perfect sunday afternoon. As covered on twitter both teams were not with their full roster, not even close. We had 15 while they had 14.
The game was very boring in the beginning as both teams were still trying to find their feet throughout the opening 10 minutes with no real clear cut scoring opportunities. Luckily for us Pedro Alba former Ukraine MVP got the ball about 20 yards out and put it top corner side netting. After that I would say one could make the argument that Banarang were maybe the better team. Putting together some good passes and shots while the possession was slightly in their favor. After half time I made sure to tell my team to start utilizing the wings as Banarang were strongest in the central of the park. After starting to execute this plan we gained the edge throughout the second half. Our next goal came from a perfectly executed series of 8 passes in which no opponent got a touch of the ball and ended with our winger Max Penke delivering a perfect low cross to Niko Kotzambasis who put it outside boot into the upper left of the goal.
Banarang had a few more chances in the second half including a close chip attempt and a potential 1v1 with Fahy being through but luckily being stopped by our CB pairing. In the last five minutes the signs of legs tiring began to show when James Keysa chipped the ball through to Lucas Metzer who calmly slotted it bottom right. In the end I believe the scoreline was flattering to us and I think maybe a 3-1 or 3-2 would be more accurate. The game had a few tasty tackles but overall a clean affair.
Good luck to Banarang. They are definitely a playoff contender and are not easy opposition to face. Also specific shoutout to Max Penke, Ben Walleshauser and Cody Hach. Max had multiple dribbles and exploited their fullbacks, Ben never looked worried in the midfield contributing to both attack and defense and Cody who is usually our backup GK had some great saves to get us the clean sheet. Our next game is against LaSalle who I think will give us a good game.


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