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Post  Fritz on Mon May 07, 2018 1:40 pm

First off, our field was horrible so I feel compelled to apologize up front. We played on the JV field instead of our usual field due to one being lined and the other not lined. We entered the game with a number of injuries, most notable our top two strikers with Brandon Voyer playing hurt and Tom Espinoza out and still at school. We were also missing a key defensive signing in Cole Soldwisch who is expected out most of the summer.

The game started out with Crimson SPAL in the Celtic end for the first 15 minutes and up 3-0. We were very disoriented, to such a degree we started with 10. I own that as the manager. Crimson SPAL were very clinical in their attack and took full advantage of us picking daisies instead of playing. Two of their goals came by working the ball down deep the right side and crossing to the back post for one time finishes. The other first half goal came off of a corner were their player jumped 15 feet into the air and headed it home in the side netting while I stood there admiring how high this dude just jumped. We woke up and were able to put some pressure on their keeper who made a couple amazing saves that had he not I might be writing a different review. Half ended at 3-0.
Second half started with more back and fourth until their striker hit a shot from just beyond the 18 that I had covered but some how must of closed my eyes, thought the force was a real thing and I could Luke Skywalker it into my hands only to have it take a nice little bounce in front of me and go just inside the post for number 4. Playing high of my line to try and help our attack, the Crimson SPAL forward chipped a nice shot from distance and put it far side upper 90 to make it 5-0. We got on the board after a foul in the box gave us a penalty shot that Dillon Olivieri buried.

Tough way to start the season for the Bhoys but I know we are much better team with the talent we added and expect a rebound next week against another tough opponent in RVS. Kudos to Crimson SPAL as they a very physical and talented team and my early season favorites. They were also great guests by leaving their bench area clean with no garbage left behind. Good luck the rest of the way.


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Post  MitchAC on Mon May 07, 2018 2:10 pm

Great recap Ed. No need to apologize about the field. Things happen. I think we've all played on much worse. Your recap was pretty spot on. Jamie Asbach was a terror moving the ball around and up on the side crossing the ball into the middle where Stryker both got his goal (technically bounced off Franciosa's ass back to Stryker lol). Mike Asbach is a freak of nature and I was watching him jump 15 feet into the air, I didn't even realize that he had scored. Franciosa had a nice run up the side and collected his own rebound. Jamie's goal was a rocket in the second half and Hameister's chip was just well placed. The PK you guys had was nicely placed although I think many of us thought it was questionable. We did have one goal get called back on an offsides that the AR had to be asked by the CR 30seconds after the goal who finally raised his flag.

Other than those goals Buffalo Celtic had 2-3 beautiful chances but Bratos was amazing in net. Scott Barrett should have had 2 (1 the aforementioned offsides) and the other Ed Fritz did a beautiful job of saving the tap in. Paul Lagno could have probably added a goal to his two assists but decided to cut back instead of just shooting. Very friendly and clean physical game.

Buffalo Celtic has a great group of guys and I think you guys will do better than last year. We felt bad that there was no garbage can around so us managers took as much as possible with us haha. Thanks for the praise and good luck the rest of the year.


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