Revolution SC 0 - Celtic 1888 2

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Revolution SC 0 - Celtic 1888 2 Empty Revolution SC 0 - Celtic 1888 2

Post  ajbalsd on Mon May 21, 2018 9:58 am

This review stinks. I just wanted you to know....

This was a really frustrating game on all fronts for us. We couldn't capitalize on some good plays in the first and second half. Celtic took advantage of two really unlucky bounces. Their first goal came off of a nice play by Andy Page (I think), that unfortunately ended up bouncing directly to one of their strikers who put it away inside of the 18. Their second goal came off of a great save by Frank Huber, who made at least seven phenomenal saves in the game, but the rebound hit me (I was hustling back to stop their striker) and bounced back inside the 6, past Frank, and their striker had an easy tap in. The ref missed many calls on both sides of the ball. Just wanted to add that as part of the frustration (even though both teams were impacted by that).

Like I said, it was an extremely frustrating game all around for us. Celtic had an edge in possession (probably 60-40) but I would say we were pretty evenly matched. They were the better team today. Good luck to them the rest of the way. Hopefully we will be on the bigger field when we face the other Celtic team after Memorial Day. We will have time to heal up and regroup before our Wood Cup game next week.

I told you this recap sucked........

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